Development Applications and Management

Before making any changes to a building, land, property or occupying a premises you may need to submit a Development Application (DA).

The expertise of Andrew Martin Planning is the identification of salient issues relating to your application and the potential relating impacts.

We are experienced in facilitating and analysing the findings of specialist consultants to achieve successful and timely outcomes for our clients.

We assemble and manage multi-disciplinary teams utilising a wide variety of consultants across disciplines including Acoustics, Archaeological, BCA, Crime Prevention, Disabled Access, Social, Economic, Environment, Fire Engineering, Heritage, Hydraulic, Landscape, Threatened Species and Traffic in order to present your application in the best possible light.

A key strength is our ability to assess your development application against planning criteria in local planning controls and state legislation to ensure a positive outcome whilst satisfying all legal requirements.

Andrew Martin Planning has extensive experience in the preparation, submission and negotiations necessary to achieve successful Development Applications for a wide range of projects.

Services include

  • Submission of Development Applications (DAs)
  • Development approval strategies
  • Appeals against refusal of Development Applications (DAs)
  • Statement of Environmental Effects for all types of land use
  • Attendance at site and council meetings
  • Direction and coordination of multidisciplinary teams

Specialising in

  • Development Feasibility Reports

Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence

Our initial planning advice (including Due Diligence reports) provides our clients with an indication of a property’s development potential based on existing or future planning instruments, state and legislative requirements.

We identify key issues at this early stage and develop strategies to maximise the development potential of your project.

Rezoning and Master Planning

Andrew Martin Planning possesses a proven track record in the formulation, evolution, production and approval of rezoning reports and master plans for a wide range of land uses.

By carefully integrating the findings of customised multidisciplinary teams of consultants, Andrew Martin Planning has the ability to prepare detailed rezoning reports that provide solid justification for a proposal, ensuring presentation at Council in the most favourable light.

Andrew Martin Planning has achieved approvals for all types of proposals including special uses zones, institutions, as well as residential, rural-residential, industrial, commercial and bulky goods warehousing developments.

Services include

  • Rezoning reports
  • Preparation of amending Local Environment Plans (LEPs)
  • Preparation of Development Control Plans
  • Council representation

Services include

  • Providing expert evidence in court

Land and Environment and Supreme Courts

Andrew Martin Planning has considerable experience in the preparation of statements of evidence and provision of expert testimony in hearings before the Land and Environment, Local and Supreme Courts of NSW.

As part of this process, Andrew Martin Planning is qualified to recommend feasible alternatives where required for an application to be approved by the Court.

We also provide client representation in court sponsored mediation as well as for onsite hearings.

Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Community Consultation

Most development involves competing interests, thus Andrew Martin Planning is accomplished in communication, negotiation and problem solving.

With vast experience in client representation at council, court sponsored mediation and onsite hearings, Andrew Martin Planning is skilled in articulating convincing arguments and strategies to achieve problem resolution for all types of planning and development projects regardless of scale.

Andrew Martin Planning is successful in obtaining approvals for many difficult applications by working closely with councils and explaining the merits of a proposal to the relevant consent authorities who eventually determine the application.

Services include

  • Submissions to oppose proposed Development Applications (DAs)
  • Negotiation with consent authorities and other relevant parties
  • Representation at court sponsored mediation and onsite hearings
  • Representation at council